Proctiv Security aim is to be the Leading distributor of cyber security solutions and collaborate with our business partners to meet customers with great solution.

PT Proteksi Aktif Internasional (Proctiv), founded in 2014 as member of DGS (Digital Security Global) Group, as a company, Proctiv is proud of the fact that we consistently deliver the right solution for the challenges facing organizations cyber security needs.

We are not ‘box-sellers’. We strive to never sell technology without tangible benefit to our customers. The entire organization’s goal is to help clients navigate the challenges and risks associated with the entire lifecycle of technology solutions, and the team works hard to help our customer base address the risks, costs, and challenges that reside outside of the initial hardware purchase.

Our Vision

To be the leader in the distribution of Cyber Security solutions for the Indonesian market.

Our Missions

  • Partner with the best cyber security principals in the world.
  • Respected by our partners for our commitment.

Our company consistently delivers on the major benefits of technology solutions:

  • Showing tangible ROI.
  • Mitigating risk.
  • Lowering costs.
  • Raising productivity.

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