SocRadar XTI is a comprehensive cyber security platform that combines Extended Threat Intelligence (XTI) with Digital Risk Protection (DRP) and External Attack Surface Management (EASM). This powerful combination gives you a holistic view of your digital risks and empowers you to proactively defend against cyber threats.

Three main module in SOCRadar XTI:

External Attack Surface Management:

Gain visibility and context regarding the severity of unknown external-facing digital assets with automated continuous monitoring.

Cyber Threat Intelligence Platform:

Let SOCRadar open the doors of the deep web in a secure and easy way with the AI-enabled ultimate threat search and hunting platform.

Digital Risk Protection Services:

Get actionable intelligence alerts with instant phishing domain identification; and compromised credential and credit card detection.

The SOCRadar benefit and advantage:

Power of automation

Skyrocket security team efficiency by reducing mundane tasks.

360° visibility

Gain in-depth visibility into your external-facing digital assets.

Optimized costs

Choose from the discovered assets only you want to monitor to reconcile license costs with real needs.

Precise API integration

Smooth integration with existing security stack and SIEM solutions.

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